Our Beginnings

G'Day Birdie Sanctuary started in late 2019 when founders Jack and Clare Cornish acquired four budgies named Eris, Ceres, Pluto, and Phoebe. At the time they were living in a small unit in Dandenong North.

Clare started a social media account for the birds, which was originally called G'Day Budgie, in homage to the Australian heritage of these intelligent little parrots.

She then began volunteering at Kiwi's New Life Bird Rescue, where she became aware of just how many birds were in need of loving homes right across Melbourne. Four budgies quickly turned into five, then she was talked into adopting some canaries, then some finches as well... These beautiful birds had been waiting years for someone to fall in love with them and truly appreciate them for who they were.

Before they knew it Jack and Clare had acquired a little menagerie of small birds, and it was time to find somewhere a bit bigger to house them all. It was also time to change the name to the current G'Day Birdie Sanctuary, to encompass all the species of birds which they had given a forever home to. The sanctuary became a registered charity in late 2020.

G'Day Birdie Sanctuary relocated to Officer in January 2021 and since then has seen over 300 birds pass through their doors. While budgerigars continue to be the most commonly cared for bird in the sanctuary, it has now expanded to provide both temporary and permanent care for over 30 different species of birds.

Our sanctuary is proof that from little things, big things grow!

Cream the zebra finch - one of the first birds we adopted into the sanctuary