Letting birds out of cages

A guide to letting your birds fly safely inside:

While many people would recognise a permanently caged cockatoo or macaw as neglectful, small birds such as budgies, finches, and canaries are often left in tiny cages for their entire lives. These birds are flighted for a reason, and in the wild may travel several kilometres every day in search of food. Even the largest cages don’t replace an hour or two of free-flight time.

Here at G’Day Birdie Sanctuary, all of our birds are let out of their cages daily between approximately 8am-6pm. That’s 70 hours per week of zooming around and having fun! While this may not be possible for every bird owner, here are a few tips to help your small bird start to safely spread their wings:

We believe that all birds should be engaged, not caged. With a little bit of effort, you can easily enrich the body and mind of your small birds! Happy flying!